Whether you came to this page by accident or on purpose, we’d love to meet you.


Are you searching for answers about life?  Do you have a suspicion that there is something more than the material world around you?  Our hope is that with us you will find a safe place to explore questions like these in the context of Christian faith.


It’s exciting to live in a world city like Barcelona.  Barcelona is a vibrant place and we believe that Jesus loves this city and its people.  Many of us have come to understand that Jesus came to show us the way of “real and eternal life, more and better life then we ever dreamed of.”  Are you interested in testing Jesus’ claim?  We want to wrestle with the meaning of life and what Jesus has to say about it in the reality of our everyday experiences in this city.


However, some people are skeptical about Jesus.  Some people have been hurt by religion or a church.  Some people feel just fine as they are and don’t understand why anyone would want to bother with going to church.  From our perspective that’s just the kind of honesty we want to start a conversation!

We meet together every Sunday in Vila Olimpica to share our lives around the message of Jesus.  We speak in Catalan, Spanish, English… and other languages!  You will not be asked to do anything, but we welcome any questions.  Even if you’re not sure, come and visit!


We also have small groups that meet during the week to read the Bible, pray and care for each other.  We believe that at the heart of Christianity is relationship.  God wants to know us personally in a restored relationship that will then affect all of our other relationships.


Our church is a part of the Spanish IERE church (Iglesia Española Reformada Episcopal) which is also a part of the worldwide Anglican Communion.


Everyone is welcome!  Our community includes people from Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, Europe, Asia, North and South America and the Pacific. There are kids and adults of all ages and together we seek to be a family.


You can contact us here or just turn up next Sunday.  See you soon!



We meet at 12pm every Sunday to sing, pray and hear from the Bible. Our service is in Spanish (with English subtitles!). We are a community of many nations.



To learn more and to find out where we are located, click the button below.

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